How to Install an Ecosoft Shower Conditioner

Hi and Welcome to our video on How to Install an Ecosoft Shower Conditioner, please click the link below to check out our website: If you have any questions or if we can help you with anything, please contact…

How to Install an Ecosoft Shower Conditioner



Hi and Welcome to our video on How to Install an Ecosoft Shower Conditioner, please click the link below to check out our website:

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– G’day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we’re gonna do is just have a look at installing the Ecosoft Hard Water Shower Conditioner. So we’ve got the good old Australian arm, half inch BSP thread coming straight off the wall, and we’re simply gonna install the Ecosoft Hard Water Shower Conditioner here, all right? So first thing we’re gonna do is we put a towel down on the floor in case we drop a tool or anything like that. We don’t wanna break a tile. Moving on from there, we’re just gonna simply take the existing shower off the wall, and then we’re gonna replace the Ecosoft, okay? So just take your time.

This is all pretty simple stuff, but we just wanna take it easy as we go, okay? So we take that one off the wall there. You can give it a bit of a dry, make sure there’s no extra bits of thread tape or anything stuck on there that you don’t want there and clean it up. And then we’re gonna get there and just some good old plumbers tape straight around that half inch thread, okay? So on with our plumbers tape. Don’t wanna cover the front face, so keep it on the outside on the wall. Give him half a dozen turns and rip him off. And then we get the Ecosoft.

There is a washer in the end and I’d leave that in there. It’s a hard washer, it’s not gonna squash. It shouldn’t constrict the flow rate at all, but if you got plenty of thread type on there and a good thread then that washer can actually be taken out to make sure you’re gonna maximize the flow rate through this device. Just remember, I don’t advise to put two devices in a row. I wouldn’t put the Ecosoft Shower Conditioner and then a shower filter, unless you’ve got very high pressure, all right? Or else, you’ll just feel it in the shower, it’ll take the pressure away from you. And I would only use the Ecosoft if I was on bore water, just straight bore water.

If you’re in the capital city and you’ve got chemically treated water, chlorine, chloramine added to the water, I’d be using a shower filter to get the chemical out before treating the hard water, okay? Hard water’s a problem, we all know that. But if we have got issues with other, i.e. chemicals in the water, I’d always pull the chemical out first. So once we’ve got the thread tape on there, we simply screw the Ecosoft on, half inch BSP thread, very popular and simple in Australia. There’s a couple of slots on each side. We’re able to get a tool on there and once it’s settling into place, we just screw him up nice and tight where we want him. Not crazily firm.

All we wanna do is seal it on there. Once he’s sealed, obviously we need some plumbers thread tape on this thread here as well. All threads will require some plumbers thread tape to seal. ‘Cause they’re obviously holding the water. So we’ll give it a good old wrap around. And then we apply our Australian shower arm straight back on to here, okay? There we go. Okay, just spin him around till it’s nice and vertical. You may want the crescent or the spanner to tighten it up.

Don’t over-tighten it. You can always put extra thread tape on if you’re having trouble getting it aligned. And that’s how I would adjust it as well with extra thread tape if I couldn’t get in the correct position, but there you go. Simple as that, the Eco Shower Filter Conditioner is now installed and we just simply turn the water on and the mineral will be treated as it flows through that device and give you a much better shower and even help inside the shower a bit. All the best, thank you.

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