Hello friend! I’m Samantha, a high school sophomore so afraid to use my high school bathroom. Up until last year, I used to go to a private school in my home city. Yes, I said “private school” and you’re probably…




Hello friend! I’m Samantha, a high school sophomore so afraid to use my high school bathroom.
Up until last year, I used to go to a private school in my home city. Yes, I said “private school” and you’re probably rooting against me for it. Please don’t! I had to change schools because my father’s company suffered several years of struggle and he eventually concluded that he couldn’t afford to pay for private school anymore for me.
I knew public school meant changes. A lot of changes. And to be honest, I wasn’t scared at all. There I was nown as mini Elliot because everybody knew my big brother. Now I was thrilled because it meant a chance to make my own name in school. Of course, I later learned that in public school nobody really cares. And that’s cool too.
The other plus side of leaving is that I’m never supposed to call my male teachers “Sir” as if they were some kind of knight because WHAT THE HELL MAN!
In my head, public school meant more noise, yet more freedom. A place where things could break off for no reason and kids will fall asleep in various locations. Yaay! School began and the first couple of days were just that. On Wednesday our Math teacher was about 20 minutes late so everyone thought we were legally allowed to leave. Wuuuuuuut? That was surprising.
I had a bit of trouble adjusting to a bigger number of students in class. However, I’ve always been an outgoing type so I tried to talk to a bunch of different people and I felt welcomed by several of them who invited me to sit with them in school’s cafeteria. That was cool. Sitting with them, not so much the cafeteria haha.
I committed myself to bring my own lunch for the first couple of weeks to evaluate the food in school, but Thursday came and I forgot. So I had to buy some lunch. There were serving spaghetti and meatballs. “Doesn’t sound so bad”, I thought. Boy, it was awful! Worst pasta sauce ever! Even though I was hungry, I couldn’t ate the whole thing through.
Lunch made my stomach ache and I HAD to go to the bathroom, which I hadn’t done up until then. When I arrived, I immediately noticed the smell of bacteria. Everywhere. You’d think the school’s janitor cleans the bathroom everyday but now I have literally no idea if that’s his actual job. Perhaps people just like to call him janitor!
Then there was the toilet paper…outside of the stall! I guess so you can practice your estimating skills. So I did. I grab a bunch of it, first to clean the seat and make a protector and some for my own use of course. At least I manage to sit in a toilet that wasn’t broken.
So I was sitting there, minding my own business, when I heard a couple of older girls come in. They started smoking and I somewhat appreciated the smell because it distracted me from the other smells. Somebody definitely ate more beans than she should have.
I heard them talking about some guy hooking up with some other girl. They sounded pissed. I had already cleaned myself, albeit I stayed. I was scared to come out.
And then, the other girl, Nancy, came in. My eyes opened wide, I could feel the tension, though I remained silent. “Please, no” Nancy sobbed. She tried to escape and the other two girls grabbed her and threw her to the ground. I think one was holding her while the other one punched and insulted her time and again. Nancy cried and screamed in pain.
I just couldn’t hold it anymore so I screamed. “PLEASE STOOOOP!”. Silence. Absolute, heart-racing silence. I flushed and came out with pepper spray. Nancy sat at a corner, while the two other girls stared at me, surprised. One of them laughed and said: “Alright, new girl. This ain’t private school. Till’ next time” and they both got out.
How did they know about me???? God, that scares me even more. I shook it and helped Nancy to pick herself up. She introduced herself and thanked me. I told her we should tell someone about what happened and she warned me that will only make things worst. She also warned me about the girls and suggested I avoid going back to the bathroom until school year is finished because I might encounter them. “They are Senior and they will graduate”, she said.
I should never go unaccompanied in a school year. A WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR?? I don’t know if I can hold my bladder everyday for a year or count on friends to come with me every single time. That’s too much. Gosh. I had never suffered from bullying before and I don’t want to start now. I’m afraid to meet them there and I’m more afraid I can’t really talk to anyone who could make a difference.
Can you help me figure this out? What would you do guys?

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