Why Study @ SAE ???

SAE is often touted as “the best place” to study an audio program. With physical locations all around the world (literally…) on the surface, it might seem like a good option. However, a quick sample of Google reviews highlights a…

Why Study @ SAE ???



SAE is often touted as “the best place” to study an audio program. With physical locations all around the world (literally…) on the surface, it might seem like a good option.

However, a quick sample of Google reviews highlights a number of shortcomings with SAE. We’ve taken 10 reviews from various SAE campus locations around Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney) and have collated them here.

We encourage anyone studying a music or audio program (either face to face, or online) to do their due diligence before committing to a program of study.

|| Review #1 ||

Studied my diploma in audio engineering and its NOT worth the $17,000 HELP debt. They bribe you in by saying you’re ‘paying for the name because we’re the elite’, but what I soon discovered is that no one in the industry cares for SAE or really cares where you’ve studied as long as you know what you’re doing! Facilities and equipment were outdated and they have NO industry contacts. Do yourself a favour and go to University or TAFE, they have access to better equipment and facilities for half the cost.

|| Review #2 ||

Worst place ever. Anybody giving this place 5 stars and saying its a great uni is just lying to get better grades. They actually ask the students to give 5 stars on google reviews. The lecturers are very biased and not many are actual industry professionals.

|| Review #3 ||

SAE is probably the worst thing to happen to the creative industry so far in Australia. With prices that rise every year (yes this is while you are completing your chosen course… deferring is a terrible idea) SAE and other private universities that are taking advantage of FEE help are so expensive compared to mainstream universities that they would have to deliver a better service to be worth it… which is not the case. No real pre-requisites are expected so they mainly rely on ensnaring young or not fully informed people into their courses…

|| Review #4 ||

Where do I start for this place? Unbelievably disappointed with this uni. They pretty much throw you into the deep end and say “I hope you can swim” while they take your money. Every other student I knew here had a hard time with understanding the assessment. Cannot stress enough how bad this place is.

|| Review #5 ||

From personal experience I don’t recommend wasting your time on SAE for video game design or animation. You’ll be better off finding good online courses and building your skills to get a job in the end, and in a much shorter period of time. Very few graduates get a job after studying in these institutes here in Australia.

SAE spends so much money on marketing, while they invest very little on the outdated programs they provide. A quick look at the materials they teach the students basically say “we don’t really care.”

|| Review #6 ||

I am reaching out to any person considering studying at SAE to become an audio engineer, it is a lovely establishment and the teachers are very nice, But you are about to spend $40k+ on a sheet of paper which means next to nothing in the music industry (as I learnt the hard way). I studied audio engineering for 2 semesters, whilst working a ruthless part time job to keep money flowing in…

|| Review #7 ||

Nothing on this fekkin campus works ever. This is by far the worst college I have ever seen. They don’t care about your education only your money.

|| Review #8 ||

Don’t waste your time here, especially in audio field. The lecturers are useless, especially the guy in charge of the audio department. You’re better off learning on YouTube how to mix music. Unless you want to be a scientist in how fast sound can travel and other useless stuff they access you on, your better off learning on YouTube. Facilities is the only plus I can give this place and they’re still pretty average now in this modern era.

|| Review #9 ||

I am shocked at the reviews here where 5 stars are concerned, not only are some of reviews with no actual written content, I know of 3 employees there reviewing the school, isn’t this some kind of conflict of interest padding the review system somewhat?

Seriously this school is a joke and is in business to fleece students of their student help fees or worse, OS students of their cash.The equipment is sub par, the speakers are seriously nothing to write home about, you only get to use particular equipment in specific trimesters, by the time you get to use it, it’s possibly too late as you have tuned your ears on bad gear…

|| Review #10 ||

Do not go to this university unless you want to end up in classes that are so over full you have to sit on the floor despite being advertised small class sizes or if you want teachers to constantly ignore your emails and get very little support when this happens and I wish I could say this was the worst of it…

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